Honoring Our Troops with Better Service through Lean

by Marc Graban on November 11, 2011

3487911314 df26f23c13 m Honoring Our Troops with Better Service through Lean lean In honor of Veterans’ Day (in the U.S.) and Remembrance Day (in Canada, where I spent most of the last two weeks, often wearing a poppy pin), let’s pause to  honor those who have served for the U.S. and our allies. Let’s also maybe think for a minute about how Lean and Six Sigma improvement methods can be used  to improve service provide to those who have served.

Much of the noise about Lean and Six Sigma in the current Republican primary season has been about saving money, including a goal of $500 million saved  each year in the U.S. Representatives from Newt Gingrich’s campaign have responded to my earlier questions about this (and their support for Strong America  Now) by stating that Newt and his team understand that Lean and Six Sigma are a quality program (as they talk about in their initiative, the more smartly      named Effective Government Now effort).

So, how do we honor the troops by providing better service to those who have sacrificed so much?

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Petition for Government free of waste, fraud, and abusive spending

We propose that the President of the United States and Congress strategically drive and accelerate performance improvement capabilities (e.g. Lean Six Sigma) across all of Federal Government with the goal of reducing waste, fraud and abusive spending, thereby increasing effectiveness and eliminating unnecessary expenditures.

Applied across the entire federal government, some estimate savings of $500 billion a year or $5 trillion over a ten-year period. By comparison, the “Super Committee” is tasked to save $1.5 trillion.

A focused top down driven Lean Six Sigma effort could reorient government to provide effective services, reduce the cost of government, grow our economy, accelerate job creation, and contribute towards a competitive world economy.

Corporations including General Electric, Honeywell, DuPont, Caterpillar, Danaher, Cummins Engine, Quest Diagnostics, Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, Textron, CSX, and Tyco have undertaken enterprise wide Lean Six Sigma programs with significant results.

Within Federal Government, efforts have included components of the DOD, IRS, NIH, GSA, Homeland Security, and V A.  The impact has not been fully realized due to the lack of full involvement of leadership in both the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch.

To participate in our effort to move our Federal Government in a direction free of waste, fraud, and abuse please click on: http://wh.gov/4b7

Once in the site, create an account and submit your electronic signature.

Thank you for taking the initiative to improve how our Federal Government functions.


Max Allway, MBB, Lean Sensei

David Allway, MBB