David Allway

David Allway is a seasoned executive advisor, mentor, coach, and facilitator with over two decades of experience applying systems thinking to analyze human performance and identify innovative solutions to drive increased efficiency and optimize cultural responsiveness within organizations. As a third generation process improvement expert, David specializes in transformation through strategic alignment. 

David’s approach to human performance process improvement and optimization came naturally growing up as an athlete in the home of one of the first American experts in the Toyota Production System. As he progressed through his academic and athletic careers, he began to blend the concepts of industrial engineering and exercise science on an intuitive basis. When his playing career ended after a brief stint pursuing the professional ranks, he returned to school to begin his pursuits in earnest.

Whether coaching elite athletes, working on warehouse/factory floors, walking the halls of congress, speaking in mega-conference halls, or facilitating small groups of senior officials, David is always honing his ability to understand how people affect processes and how human behavior and performance can be optimized. He has managed teams of over 200 people and mentored individuals from child-prodigy to professional athlete.

His projects include but are not limited to coordinating strategic and financial planning, tracking human resource management and staffing, processing security clearances, and leading all operational and managerial  aspects of projects  including the oversight of up to four subcontractor organizations simultaneously.  He has successfully developed and facilitated Change Management and Process Improvement in the areas of Operations, Systems Integration, Supply Chain Management/Warehousing, Facility Design, “Green”, Intelligence, Human Performance Analysis, and Human Resources. As an experienced practitioner and trainer of Lean Six Sigma and Change Management Strategies, Mr. Allway has facilitated approximately 100 Lean Six Sigma (training, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping) and Change Management events (strategic planning, team building, transformation readiness).

For more information, contact dallway@per-strat.com

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