From The Archives of a Common Sensei – Volume 10: Moving Toyota Dynamics to Your Organization

As we stated, and what was believed thirty plus years ago while starting up the Toyota Industrial Equipment operation, “DESTINY IS IN OUR OWN HANDS”!  While deeply involved in the start–up effort, we developed a course of action that would embed the culture that would be needed for twenty-five years of growth.

The attached paper from my original archives speaks to the development of the above culture. The methods summarized helped position this business rise to the number one position in its market and be awarded for their manufacturing capabilities and accomplishments.  These original concepts have served me well while working with approximately 300+ organizations over the last thirty plus years, and I would suggest that the organizations who had leadership that was willing to learn and adapt, have prospered, and have also become leaders in their markets.  The governmental organizations that have adapted the cultural and process principles have enjoyed the advances similar to those in the manufacturing world.  They have also experienced streamlined processes, participative workers, and improved quality while reducing the cost of serving citizens.  The same can be said for banking, insurance, construction, oil and gas, retail, and healthcare organizations.

A critical foundation to the success of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the included principles is their unique approach to cost reduction/containment:

The “TPS Overview” include here (and used in developing Toyota operations) touches on the most relevant points including:

  • Corporate Destiny
  • The Historical Perspective
  • Build Quality into Processes
  • Production Planning
  • Just-in-Time Production via Kanban
  • Continuous Flow Processing
  • Toyota Production System Dynamics
  • The Foundation of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

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