From the Archives of a Common Sensei – Volume 6: Targeting your efforts and measuring your current condition

As a follow-up to Volume 5: From the Archives of a Common Sensei we discussed “Process Readiness Scan Guidance”. In this volume, Volume 6, we will provide more detailed guidance to enable those of you who are interested in evaluating where your organization’s processes currently stack up against a truly Lean (Value Creating) organization with supporting process efficiencies/effectiveness. The category evaluation guidance pages below will help guide you as you analyze your organization’s proficiency level for the various attributes within each category (People, Support Systems, Flexible Manpower Systems, Autonomation, Just-in-Time). Each categorization page is numbered from 1 (lowest) to 5 (Highest) regarding proficiency for each attribute within each category. Regardless of your organizations purpose, these guides will serve you well! While these refer to medical terms (e.g. patient, etc.) you can easily adapt them to your environment. These have been utilized in nearly every sector, both commercial and governmental and based on those lessons learned during my early involvement with Toyota Industrial Equipment development in the United States and subsequent work with Kaizen Institute and others. They emphasize those attributes regarding “People” and “Support Systems” and the importance of each. These guides will help you understand more clearly where you need to target your efforts and to measure your current condition.

Max Allway

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